Audi A4 at "Tsvetnoj" central market
A cool car, a trendy place, the right audience - these are the main components of a successful launch.
  • Have you ever flown into space? Have you ever done this while driving a car? (let me remind you, it was in 2016 before the experiments of Elon Musk), so the dome stereo installation #a4space has become a real attraction in the Tsvetnoy store
  • The installation consisted of a hemisphere with a futuristic design and a car inside. In order to create a feeling of open space outside the car windows and provide immersion in an "interplanetary journey", a spherical projection was developed that filled the entire space around the car. The start of an intergalactic journey really started with the Start engine button, and with the help of steering, it was possible to fly around meteorites.
  • A very cool integrated solution - because an ideal platform was created, where the right audience, the Audi premier and high technologies met). After the "space test drive", the guests could take a real city test drive.
  • Format: exposition and test drive
Space for everyone!